At Tallok, we operate as a comprehensive design firm that specialises in Planning and Project Management for residential and commercial property in the Perth, WA market. We specialise in bespoke Entertainment—Living Wall unitsSTORE+ storage & display units, as well as interior design services. 

For every project, we work alongside our clients by listening to our clients' needs and ideas. At Tallok, we strive to deliver products and services beyond clients' expectations by incorporating our design expertise to materialise ideas into reality. 

As part of our bespoke range, we currently partner with ARQ designs in offering our clients with a range of custom furniture. This include our STORE+ and Living Wall lines that are now available for orders. Fully customised furniture are also available as part of our Design & Planning Service package.


STORE+ Furniture

Our STORE+ furniture line carries multiple designs and it comes with various component choices (Lego-style). Our current designs are created for AV or entertainment units, and storage & display units. Our Store+ furniture line has also been incorporated to past projects as a room divider. Clients have the option to choose the method of delivery and assembly for our STORE+ range; either through DIY or delivered and assembled. 

Living Wall Furniture

As part of Tallok's collaboration with ARQ Designs, we have delivered Living Walls to many homes across Western Australia. Our Living Wall furniture line serves similar function as an AV/entertainment unit. However, it is much more than just an AV unit. As our Living Wall transforms bare living room walls by incorporating functional storage and sculptural elements to create spaces for audiovisual and smart technology, wine and liquor collections, unique art pieces, collectables and many more!

Interior Design & Planning

Our interior design & planning package allows us to work alongside our clients, from the early start of the project until the moment that clients are ready to move in to their residential or commercial property. This service package will allow consumers to order and incorporate full-custom furniture as part of their design project.

Project Management

We manage the project for on time and high-quality delivery as well as ensuring the quality of the products that will be supplied and/or manufactured.

Interior Décor & Styling

Furnishing and styling the current space with furniture, artworks, upholstery. Either custom made by our Creative Components or sourced from our wide range suppliers (products not included). We work with talented artists, furniture manufacturers, suppliers and many others to deliver a one-of-a-kind atmosphere into your home and commercial spaces. 

Home Package Interior Decorator

We provide packages for clients to finish the whole house. Comes in 1,2, or 3 BR options. Either custom made by our Creative Components or sourced from our wide range suppliers (products included).

Seasonal Décor

We offer to décor your home/office to suit the season or occasions. Whether it will be summer, winter, birthday, Christmas or any other seasonal occasions you might have.


Retainer Fee

With this fee, we will monitor both our hourly rates and percentage budget and will charge our client the lower fee.

If you want to know more about our products and services or have any other questions, please call us on (08) 6280  1117 or click the 'get in touch' button below. 



41 Sarich Ct, Osborne Park WA 6017 (by appointment only)

+61 8 6280 1117

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